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Slammed Acura RDX

Some say that Acura RDX is an Japanese SUV which can be almost a competitor for European luxury SUV, like BMW X3 in our case. And yes, and no. At first, Acura doesn't has a relevant model to BMW X3 M, just to lower models. So, yes, RDX can present you some emotions, you can even love this SUV for it's exterior. But this SUV still doesn't has a reputation similar to its German competitors. And sometime it's important even in tuning. Because some people buy really fast cars and make them so low that they can't be fast to avoid damage.

As for this slammed Acura RDX, I may to recognize that this SUV looks stylish. This vehicle is white and here styling is based on a couple of 2 colors, which are looking great together - white and black. Windows are tinted (even windshield), trim is black as well. Boring stock wheels were replaced into larger and polished. To seem lower here were installed front and side splitters. And it works. This slammed RDX just lies on the road. And it looks just awesome.
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