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Lowered Acura TLX 2023

Here is brand new lowered 2023 Acura TLX panted in a bright, but not best color. Let's talk about exterior tuning of such Acura TLX.

Here all styling is based on a pair of colors: body is "brown-bronze", trim and else a few elements are black. Grills are black, intercooler could be black as well. One legend says, that black intercoolers give more power... ;-) Front splitter and rear diffuser are black as well. Windows have a light tint. Car can look better with more dark tint. Off course here is static lowered suspension. Not so serious, but looks much better. Airlift can help and make a slammed Acura TLX. Stock wheels were replaced as well. Now car stands on forged wheels from Vossen, which are finished in graphite. It's not best idea, but such rims car looks much better than with black.
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