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Tuning Alfa Romeo 155

Alfa Romeo 155 was not ideal car. Partly because it’s Italian car. But it was an interesting car of its time. And it’s a pity that we don’t see these cars on the streets now. Except home market, but even in Italy they became rare. To see Alfa 155 in street traffic is a big luck. But tuning project based on Alfa Romeo – this is almost impossible. But we found out a few pictures of such cat. It’s exist!

At first, off course this green color is not original. In that times most part of colors were metallic. This green looks much younger than a car. But painted well. Alfa 155 was not designed for big and wide wheels, like some BMW. So ow here are installed wheels so large as it’s possible, and even a little larger. Car isn’t seriously lowered, but it seems that here are installed coilovers, so such big wheels can be almost safe for body with fresh painting. As for rims, they are modern, but are looking good here.

Side mirrors were replaced into small racing mirrors. 2 exhaust pipes show that this old Alfa still can something. Don’t forget about V6 also known as Busso.
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