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Stanced Alfa Romeo 156

Here is an awesome silver Alfa Romeo 156 with cool wheels and body kit. No doubt, Alfa Romeo 156 is a beautiful car. But this model is not so popular on the tuning scene. Basically, what to talk about tuning if these cars already almost gone even from streets. It's a big luck to see Alfa 156 on the road outside native Italy. And it's a shame. But this tuned Alfa Romeo 156 looks great, is in a good condition and has a cool body kit.

Some Alfa 156 had huge oval wings on the trunk lid. Such wings are looking odd, but they fit Alfa's design. This car hasn't a wing, but has something like blend above rear window. I don't know if such wing is functional, but looks cool. Trunk lid has only minimal lip spoiler. It would be stupid to build such stanced Alfa Romeo 156 and leave bumpers stock. I don't know if these bumpers are custom or with some covers. Probably these bumpers can be even OEM for some version, I don't know. But these bumpers are looking cool and they are absolutely in a styling of 156. They are changing exterior so effective like some M Package. And the last part of exterior tuning of our Alfa Romeo 156 - wheels. I guess these wheels are not the best for this model. But they are looking here awesome and fitment is pretty cool as well. Of course, suspension is lowered. No one tuning project is staying with factory suspension and height.
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