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Tuning Alfa Romeo 33, sex spec

Tuning Alfa Romeo 33, sex spec
It were wild 2000s with a lot of different "auto salons", MTV produced "Pimp My Ride". It so many years ago that these 15-20 years old pictures are looking really odd today in 2023. Here we have wild gold Alfa Romeo 33 with tuning in sex spec styling. There are a lot things are modified. Significant part of front and rear end are made from fiberglass. Hundreds hours of work. Of course this Alfa got custom made interior. I guess here was a target to make more modern interior. They did it. But today original interior from 1980s looks much better than that custom made. NOs, audio amplifier and roll bar are in the cabin as well. Somebody wasted a lot of his time and money and got custom, but odd car. By the way, you can watch more pictures of this tuned Alfa Romeo 33.
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