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Tuning Alfa Romeo 33

Tuning Alfa Romeo 33
Many years ago it was an ordinary Alfa Romeo 33, compact car from Italy for active driver. But now this is a custom made Alfa Romeo with all possible tuning from early 2000s. You can find here all that you could see in "Pimp My Ride" or similar TV shows. By the way, we have more pictures of this wild custom Alfa Romeo 33 in Sex Spec styling on our site.

Some guy wasted just hundreds working hours to make it. All these fiberglass wide fenders. Rear bumper became a part of body and can't be pulled out any more. Doors without handles could be opened from remote. Looks unusual, sounds insane, but is not practical in real life. Front bumper is custom made as well. It's more smooth than original body, that's why looks strange. It seams that here are installed aftermarket headlights from some Audi. But that's not all because I still didn't say anymore about custom interior... All made in a classic Sex Spec styling, like at this Mazda 323F Sex Spec, but Mazda's interior is not custom made, that's why looks much better. Sometimes I'm thinking how does this Alfa Romeo 33 with wild tuning look? Is it still alive?
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