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Bagged Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

When I see the fast car on air suspension, I can understand the aim of it not every time. Often in my mind such cars may be lowered by coilovers for better driving. But bagging... Car on air suspension is closer to show car.

Maybe it will sound crazy, but I can understand bagging of Alfa Romeo Giulia. At first, it's pretty Italian car. At second, it's Quadrifoglio. So, it's not only 500+ hp, but else fantastic exhaust sound. As you remember, it's V6 is 3/4 of V8 from Ferrari. So, Giulia is pretty car with awesome sound. These 2 reasons already are enough to buy this car. And air suspension to make car lower doesn't sounds stupid. In my opinion...

By the way, these rims are in TOP-10 I've seen.
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