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Tuning Audi RS2 B4

Awesome blue Audi RS2 from Italy. It's a first model from RS-family. Car looks as near stock, and it's so. But here are a little of modifications. First what we see are lowering and sticker BTS Pneumatici. Yes, this fast wagon is lowered and it was made by airlift. Even if suspension becomes a little softer it doesn't matter because it's already a classic car. And air suspension can be replaced into original in any moment. Second what we see are wheels. From factory RS2 had wheels from Porsche 911 because brakes were from Porsche too. In stock. But these wheels are from Porsche too, but a little later.
In real it's simple for Europe Audi 80 Avant in B4 body, but modified by Porsche, using own parts.
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