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Stance Audi 90 B3

Here is an interesting stance Audi 90 B3, which was more powerful and luxury version of Audi 80 B3. I'm not professional in old VAGs, but if it was some BMW E30 I would be sure that it's a pure constructor for adults. So, let's take a closer look at this stanced Audi 90 B3 in more detail.

Why did I said about constructor? Because this Audi looks like a car with installed all possible original options according to owner's taste. And first I've noted at this stance Audi 90 B3, after lowering and wheels of course, are taillights and "American" number plate. So, probably taillights in trunk lid are from American car. Sounds like nothing especial, but in Europe it looks unusual. And it's a topic for conversation with other VAG geeks on Cars'n'Coffee. But that's else not all! This stanced Audi 90 B3 has some body kit. Bumpers, lip spoiler, blend on rear window. Probably this Audi 90 B3 has a body kit from Kamei. This manufacturer is famous by its steel grills, but here is an original plastic grill. As usual stance project, this Audi 90 B3 has a cool 3-piece wheels with polished outer rims. Suspension is lowered and looks like static. So probably here are installed lowered springs or coilovers. Headlights are looking pretty blackish, so probably they were modified as well.
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