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Tuning Audi 80 B4

Here is an awesome Audi 80 Quattro B4 with minor, but effective tuning. This car is from Poland and has some interesting features. Here are installed another bumpers and mirrors. Taillights are from American version. 2 exhaust pipes usually were on V6-models. After 30+ years you may be a real Audi fan boy to say what car exactly is here. Because it can be American version imported to Poland or Lithuania after some issue in USA. V6, Quattro are usual for American market. Or this is constructor in BMW style. Owner just was looking for all interesting parts for his Audi 80 B4 and bought all possible tuning parts and original features from more rare or better equipped versions. This is the ordinary way how to build tuned BMW E34 or another BMWs from that epoch. Anyway, this Audi 80 B4 looks awesome!

Owner didn't make suspension lower, but installer larger and wider wheels from later Audi. And I may say that such wheels fir Audi 80. But probably such wheels could make car even higher. Such king of anti stance :) But sometimes such tuning works with old cars, which had small wheels from factory. With larger wheels car looks more brutal even without lowering.
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