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Bagged Audi RS4 B7

Here is a silver arrow from Germany - RS4. Car looks like near stock. And can look like a stock if will be lifted. It's not difficult because car has air suspension. Actually, exterior has 2 modification, that can change everything. Bagged suspension can make car lower, with such fitment these cars are looking amazing. And I guess the main - wheels. Do you remember what Henry Ford told about them? In my opinion, these rims fit to this car. And it's possible to build almost the same even having simple A4.

By the way, this one bagged RS4 is a practice tuned car for all weather. Driver can lift it to near stock height, get to the needed place (by the way it's Quattro) and lay a car on the ground. With static suspension you can get some issues already near your home! So, tuning and styling can be useful.
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