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Stance Audi A4 B9

Here is awesome stance Audi A4 B9 performed in minimal styling from Kyiv, Ukraine. Just a few changes and such cool result. What about to watch this awesome white sedan a little more detailed?

Here we have fresh A4 in basic white color. But it doesn't mean anything because many cars are looking incredible in white color. All chrome which you can find here are 4 exhaust pipes. But it could be polished aluminum as well. All trim is black, but windows are not tinted, it's a little unusual for Kyiv where almost all cars are tinted. And 2 main modifications: wheels and fitment. Owner made this stance Audi A4 B9 lower than stock, but car doesn't lay on the ground. Air suspension would be ideal, but even coilovers can fit. Else owner replaced boring stock wheels into these just huge from Vossen. These wheels are finished, thanks God, in graphite, not in black. And these wheels are the largest what is possible to put in this Audi A4 B9. Tyres are really thick. I'm looking these pictures and feel how hard can be driving in Kyiv on these wheels. As almost all metropolises like NY, Kyiv has not best roads. That's why air suspension can be really useful just to save at least some comfort. But this Audi looks just incredible. Nothing extra, but enthusiasts will understand all.
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