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Slammed Audi A8

Here is an awesome white and slammed Audi A8. It's 4D generation before facelift. Already for a long time Poland is a home of many really brave and qualitative tuning projects. So, this Audi A8 is from Poland as well.

As for tuning, this limousine is performed by ordinary recipe - wheels and fitment. As for wheels, they are really huge with very thick tires. When I see on this slammed Audi A8 I just begin to feel some pain in my back. But after it i remember, that it's an expensive German limousine with air suspension from factory. But I guess that even air bags can't make a ride really comfortable on such wheels. I mean on not ideal roads off course. By the way, suspension was modified because this limo is almost on asphalt. Stock air suspension can't to do so.

If you are seeking some comfortable but not new car as your daily driver, such A8 is not so bad idea. Wheels and better fitment and you will get all you need. Tuning Audi S8 can give you much more emotions, but even TDI is fast enough. But else diesel can be more reliable.
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