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Bagged Audi RS Q3

Here we have a brand new and bagged Audi RS Q3 F3. Compact SUVs are a real bestsellers in Europe. This is almost RS3, but SUV. And here is actual generation, it looks much better than predecessor. I guess Audi RS Q3 is a good base for tuning project. It's fast enough, ready for chip tuning, has an awesome engine and exhaust sound. And don't forget about interesting and modern exterior. Yes, Audi RS6 is larger, much faster in stock and much more expensive.

Install bagged suspension to make it lower, replace boring stock wheels and you already have more unique car. This car is clean. It seams that number plates are attached with magnets. Good solutions for multiple photo sessions and auto shows. And don't forget that this is VAG. All tuned VAGs are with some Stage. I guess this bagged Audi RS Q3 F3 looks awesome and is a great choice for inspiration. Because if you were interested how can new generation of Audi Q3 look with some tuning, you are in a right place.
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