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Slammed Audi Q3 8U

Here we have a wrapped and slammed Audi Q3 8U. This tiny SUV was not an icon of design, new generation looks significantly better. But sometimes we can meet stanced Audi Q3 8U. By the way, it's a late version of that Q3 by link. So, let's look at this "British Racing Green" Audi Q3 Mk1 in more detail. This vehicle has some pretty interesting modifications...

As I have said before, this is wrapped Audi Q3 8U and it looks much better than in original red color. But I don't understand why ruZZians couldn't wrap all doorways and doors inside. Unwrapped doorways looking so cheap... The second thing you couldn't notice is a huge "bench" at tail gate. Looks not so bad, but I'm not sure it has any practical sense. This slammed Audi Q3 8U can be quite fast after some stage, but it doesn't change my opinion about this spoiler. Air suspension is the best modification on this Audi Q3. Vehicle doesn't lay on the ground in lower position, but it looks pretty good. It seams that wheels are not so bad, but it was a huge mistake to use just black wheels. Even minimal machined face can fit it. This vehicle has a few interesting features you can use on your tuning project. If you already have such one. But it's absolutely not that car you should buy to build something similar.
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