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Slammed Audi SQ5 2014

Here is a pretty facelifted Audi SQ5 from Austria. This SQ5 has a discreet design, but SUV looks ordinary. Especially now, when it's already previous generation. In some meaning we can even say that such design already became rare. So, warranty has been ended many time ago, all credits are paid and we can do with this SQ5 all we want. Let's get this Audi SQ5 slammed! For this we need just 2 things. New wheels and lowering. Stock wheels were replaced with larger wheels from Vossen. They are larger and have a machined face. As for fitment, we need here an airlift, coilovers shouldn't fit us. So, bagged suspension! All equipment for air suspension of our Audi SQ5 can be located in trunk under floor. In this case you can use this SUV as stock. Audi Q5 is bagged, but all equipment is hided. But the main, this lowered SQ5 looks just amazing!
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