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Tuning Audi SQ7 4M 2022 by ABT

Audi SQ7 is a great premium SUV from factory. A lot of luxury features, power, dynamic and speed, comfortable driving. But is it possible to make this SUV else better. That's why here is facelifted 2022 Audi SQ7 4M with tuning from ABT. Let's look at this SUV in more detail.

Tuning package from ABT includes different parts for exterior modifications and yes, we would not talk about any technical improvements. This SQ7 still is VAG with all aftermaths. Front bumper from ABT is more aggressive and expressive. Wheels from awesome are forged and expensive. But they are finished in gloss black. On my opinion this decision is a mistake because these cool wheels are almost hidden. Air suspension allows make this SUV a little lower. But possible lowering is not necessary because suspension is not modified. Audi SQ7 has advanced (and very expensive) shock absorbers. That's why correct suspension modification needs else more expensive solution. If you don't want to make worse, of course. But probably the main modification of this 2022 Audi SQ7 4M with tuning from ABT is wrapping. The first you see is not a cool body kit. You see a huge green frog. And I may say that this color really fits this SUV. Such wrapping made this SQ7 really unique and attracts a lot of attention. But if it was my car I would repaint these awesome wheels.
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