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BMW M140i F21 Widebody

This is prepared for track days BMW M140i in body F21 from Germany. And there are a lot of questions here. We can see that car has some serious mods. Roll bar inside, wide body kit, wide and larger wheels, light weight hood with grills, brakes are looking not stock too. But car has German number plates. In Germany all these parts may be certificated and a lot of them are outlaw. But it looks like car only for fun an time attack events. And that's not so bad idea because this is last RWD 1-series.

Let's back to mods and styling. Car is painted into matte black. Let's be honest, it's boring decision that was popular around 10-15 years ago. But it looks not so bad if roll bar, brake calipers, rods behind nostrils and towing loop are orange.
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