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Tuning BMW 1

Here we have a serious race track weapon. At first sight this BMW 1 E82 has a minor tuning. But it's not so... Let's look at this German weapon a little deeper...

Almost all tuning of this BMW 1 E82 is hidden inside. Huge turbo and tuned intake in engine bay. Else a huge intercooler is visible behind air intake in front bumper. And I guess that's not all mods there. I bet ECU is remapped or replaced as well. All you can see outside on some pictures is additional air intake for huge turbo instead right headlight on this tuned BMW 1. In all other it's pretty usual BMW 1er with M-bumpers, covers on the mirrors, not so wide wheels but with cool fitment due to installed spacers. Tires are pretty angry and fit racing track. In all other here is an awesome sleeper BMW 1 with many tuning solutions inside. I don't know if this car is for everyday using. But I bet its owner drives this BMW with smile :)
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