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Stance BMW 1M E82

BMW 1M is a rare coupe. Car enthusiasts are dreaming about this car in all the world. Because it's a blend of old school BMW and some modern technologies. But driver still can feel that same handling in a pair with a powerful engine. But here we have stance BMW 1M E82. It's still fast car, but it's a show car as well now.

As a usual stance project this BMW 1M E82 has cool wheels and cool fitment. Here we see awesome wheels with wide polished outer rims and gold centers. And spokes are not so traditional for 3-piece wheels. However these wheels are looking expensive, cool and definitely fit this car. This stanced BMW 1M E82 looks so cool because it's M-model with wide fenders, which are covering wide wheels. And such widebody from factory looks muscle and rude. Air suspension can make handling not so sporty, but this worth it. Because it looks just incredible.
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