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Tuning BMW 140i

Here is a bright yellow BMW "140i" with a lot of different tuning. During first swap this coupe got an engine from M3. But further the engine was changed into V8 S63B44 and AWD transmission from BMW X5M E70. Owner is sure that this tiny coupe can have around 750hp. So, this BMW E82 with swapped engine and AWD transmission could be fast enough. But except not so reliable engine this BMW has else one huge problem, This coupe was built in ruZZia. And ruZZians are sure that it's normal to invade in independent countries like Georgia, Ukraine and another (EU and Kazakhstan be ready!). By the way, ruZZian propaganda already convinced Africa and is trying to convince Europe and America that wars and murders are ok. I guess that's all you may know about this BMW 140i E82, its tuning, country and people who built this project.
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