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Stanced BMW 118i F20

Here is an awesome stanced BMW 118i from Indonesia. Owner made a few tiny but effective changes, which made this German hatch more interesting. This BMW F20 is an evidence that you can build a qualitative stance project even with limited budget. But this car is from Indonesia where to own a personal car costs a huge money and tuning is not a problem.

Every stance project always must have just 2 things: lowering and cool wheels. This stanced BMW F20 got an air suspension and can almost lay on the road when you need it. Of course owner installed new larger wheels. These wheels are pretty good and in some meaning look close to BMW 37 styling. But I guess these wheels definitely aren't best for this BMW F20. By the way, facelifted BMW F20 and F21 are looking much better. Some BMW fans almost hated headlights on early cars of this generation.
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