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BMW 3 E21 Groupe 5 Wide body

There are a lot of different body kits are available for many models. Not all of these body kit are beauty or at least pretty. But sometimes we can find really interesting body kits. And here is such case.

BMW 3-series in E21 body had an interesting body kit for Group 5 races. And now you can buy such body kit to convert your BMW E21 into restomod in Group 5 styling. And, let's be honest, BMW E21 in this widebody kit looks just amazing!

You can just paint your car in your favorite color. Or you can design a car in a style of oldschool racing car, like this one. This body kit is more than just kit to cover wide wheels. This oldschool bodykit has a function, it makes aerodynamic more effective. Making such conversion you would get an oldschool, analog driver's car and really cool looking car, which is nice to look at.
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