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BMW 3 E21 Widebody

Here is just amazing BMW 3 E21 with widebody. I don't know anything about this widebody E21, but it looks like a wild vintage modified car from 1980s. 1980s were an epoch of really wild and strange tuning Koenig Specials and other tuners. So, let's at least watch more close.

We already have here a pictures of BMW 3 E21 Groupe 5 Wide body kit. But that car is a restomod. This Widebody BMW 3 E21 looks different and has many vintage parts. At first, this BMW E31 has 4 square lights, that's why looks unusual from beginning. But else more unusual looks grill with 1 nostril instead 2. Socondary, widebody looks finished because it begins from front bumper and ends or rear. By the way, this E21 looks like without rear bumper. At third, this widebody is needed to cover really wide wheels. Rear end has 2 interesting things. Here is installed an interesting wing, unusual. And there are 2 exhaust pipes here. As for interior, here is installed roll bar, cool steering wheel and racing seats.

I guess it's the coolest BMW E21 I've ever seen.
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