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BMW 3 Touring E30 Widebody

Here is just genius tuning project, as on my taste, based on BMW 3 Touring in E30 generation. This Touring has turbo engine, but we would not talk about it because BMW fan boys know all usual solutions what to do, what to swap and how get much more power already for a long time. And this Touring has serious power, as we see by wide rear tires...

The main feature of this wagon is it's exterior. Vehicle has a styling of racing car, but it's a compact european wagon from 1980ths. Actually all exterior modifications are around power. Huge power needs better contact between tires and road. We need much bigger and wider wheels. New wheels are too large and we need to cover them. And we have a wide body kit to cover larger wheels. All other mods were made mostly in same logic. And don't forget about cool rims and air lift. But the most unique mod here is widebody with air intake. Usually widebody just cover wheels. But here could be some deeper idea. And looks as pure 1980ths, that is important too.
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