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Bagged BMW 3 Coupe E30

Here we see a white bagged BMW 3-series Coupe in E30 body else with some interesting exterior mods.

This is late BMW E30 Coupe which tries to look like M3. Bumpers and M-Technics, spoiler with wing. Off course headlights are original Hella black or conversion. Front seats were replaced into sport seats from Corbeau. Probably it's BMW 325i. Looks fast, but else this E30 has quite wide 3-piece wheels with polished rims and air suspension. Bagged BMW E30 looks great, it's low, fenders are laying on rims, but such air suspension is not rigid like near stock suspension. In some meaning this is oxymoron. Or it's just such stance. But if it's so, why didn't they leave comfortable stock seats?
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