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Stance BMW 3 Coupe E30

BMW E30 is an ordinary car on tuning scene. There are a lot of similar tuning projects. But sometimes we can meet really interesting modified BMW E30. Like this one black coupe. So, let's watch this stance BMW 3 Coupe E30 more detailed.

Ordinary stanced BMW E30 is a car with lowered suspension and wheels "webs" from BBS or other similar wheels. But this stance black BMW 3 Coupe E30 has a few interesting features. Probably the main feature here is a little different front end styling. Rectangular headlights instead classic round and different grill. Taillights are transparent and this is unusual because many drivers love smoked, tinted or Hella Black taillights. Louvers on rear window moving us directly to 1980s. Wheels are custom made 3-piece with wide polished rims and bronze 5-spoke centers. Else I may note that this car has black body, but no more. Wheels are not black, windows are not tinted. Of course this BMW E30 has M-Technic bumpers... But my favorite exterior elements are a couple of fins on the top of front fenders. These fins move us to classic and oldschool racing cars from BMW. It looks cool and authentic.
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