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Tuning BMW M3 E30

Here is an awesome original BMW M3. This is the reason why BMW M3 is an icon today. This BMW M3 E30 looks like stock, but here is some tuning. There are a lot of different tuning parts for BMW M3 E30 and ordinary E30. Stainless exhaust system, kits for installing more fresh parts, electronic and sensors upgrade and more modern ECU for better performance. Some of these parts are needed to make this old fighter more reliable and leave it on the roads as long as possible.

As for this M3, some changes are visible. This BMW M3 E30 got not so significant tuning, but these wheels and stainless exhaust fit this car. Wheels are custom made 3-piece with centers from BBS. Centers are from not so large wheels, but new wide and polished rims made these wheels larger. But I don't like such diameter upgrade. It's a shame, but BBS didn't produced larger wheels for E30. So you may upgrade hubs into 5 bolts from E36. After it you can use larger wheels. There is no ideal solution if you have E30 and want classic BBS wheels, but larger. Anyway this BMW M3 looks awesome even without lowering. This legend was saved in awesome condition. Especially its interior.
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