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Stance BMW 325i E30

Here is a cool white stance 325i E30 from Delaware, United States. This E30 got a few simple tunes which made this young timer more cool, but in the same moment these mods are simple and can be removed in any moment. If you would like to back your amazing BMW E30 in stock condition.

But let's back to tuning. This stance BMW 325i E30 got air suspension, which allowed to get much lower. Our 325i can lay on the outer rims in lower position. Ride position is a little higher. As for wheels they are stunning. 3-piece custom made wheels with wide polished outer rims, white centres "web" from BBS (or "5th styling" in BMW universe) with gold bolts. As on my taste, really low E30 are looking a little strange. Even large for E30 wheels are looking small. And often rear end is a little higher than front end. Such design.. You can use else larger wheels and make slammed BMW E30. But such car can look a little strange as well. And probably you will need a significant body works. Else this E30 has a stainless exhaust. Exhaust tips are looking pretty cool, unusual for modern cars.
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