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Slammed BMW M3 Coupe E36

Coupe BMW M3 in E36 body is already rare car. This M3 still gives to it's driver that true feelings. But now it's already for a long time not so fast car. Modern VW Golf GTI can be the same fast or even faster.

Anyway it's a cool car. If car is in not so good condition and isn't expensive - it can be a good base for tuning project. Lowered by air suspension BMW M3 sounds a little strange. But looks great. Lip on a front bumper and rear diffuser looking well. Wheels are 3-piece with polished rims and white 5-spoke centers.

Such tuning project has only one flaw - it's not unique. BMWs are maybe most popular cars in tuning. And there are a lot almost the same tuning projects on the roads. It has a sense to built such car only if you want to own such one and you don't care is it unique or not.
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