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Static BMW 328i E36

Here is a static lowered BMW E36. Strong men with hard balls don't use airlift. Only static! But if you are living in United States usually it's not a problem. If you are not in New York of course :-)

This is an ordinary tuning project which may attract all attention on the street. Even if it's tuning doesn't has any sense. This BMW E36 is static and here is a serious lowering. Sometimes it's difficult to drive such cars fast. And don't forget that this BMW E36 has a serious camber. It's not hellaflush yet, but driver already has some troubles with handling. But this BMW has a roll-bar and hard driver's sport seat :-) M bumpers and mirrors at least are beautiful, but roll-bar... By the way, here are installed pretty enough wheels. They are larger and wider than stock.
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