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Stance BMW 3 Compact E46

I can't say that Compacts are my favorite BMWs. E46 is else not so pretty as on my own taste. But this lightweight and RWD car has same engines as ordinary E46. Same engines could be swapped here. I guess this is an awesome base for some drift car. However here is an pretty cool stance BMW 3 Compact E46. Let's watch on this Compact a little more close.

This car is built according to ordinary for stance projects recipe. Just wheels and fitment would be enough to create a cool stance BMW 3 Compact E46. Owner has installed huge and wide wheels here. These wheels are not 3-piece, but all 4 have wide outer rims and are looking as custom made. Wheels are finished in interesting color, something between bronze and brown, and I guess this color fits silver body. Air suspension allows this stanced BMW Compact E46 to become pretty low in lower position.
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