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BMW 330i F30 Widebody

Here we have an awesome widebody BMW 330i F30 with cool bronze wheels from Vossen. Or it can be another model of BMW F30 :-) However, these sticking wheels covered by additional wide fenders are looking stunning and attractive. So, let's take a closer look at this wide body BMW F30.

As all we know, every stance project needs 2 required modifications: larger and wider wheels, lowering with cool fitment. And this widebody BMW 330i F30 all needed. Suspension is lowered. Owner installed cool wheels through the spacers. These bronze wheels are an awesome accent on this almost fully black BMW F30. So, when you will be thinking about building of fully black BMW, you may remember how cool can car look when wheels are accent but not invisible black spot. However, my favorite feature of this wide body BMW 3 F30 is a duck tail. There are a lot ducktails on the market, but not all they are cool looking. By the way, M Package adds some styling as well.
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