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Lowered BMW M4 F82

Here we have a cool white lowered BMW M4 in F82 body. This coupe looks pretty cool, but not ideal. Owner could do more to build really stunning stanced BMW M4. Let's understand in more detail.

Don't think that it's bad and not qualitative tuning project. Lowered suspension makes silhouette more interesting and handling more exciting, at least on a race track. This lowered BMW M4 F82 with tinted windows, black carbon roof and black trim looks great. But black wheels are almost invisible already from a 10 meters distance. Even if here are installed really great and expensive enough wheels. I guess this coupe would look much better with graphite, dark gray, bronze wheels. But not gloss black like we see on these pictures. By the way, what about BMW M4 F82 with wide body kit? Widebody with air suspension are looking awesome together.
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