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Tuning BMW 440i Gran Coupe F36

Here is a stunning blue BMW 4 Gran Coupe F36 with some exterior tuning. Let's watch more detained about this German "4-door coupe".

As for me, I can't say that I'm a fan of such liftbacks, "4-door coupes", "gran coupes". But many people like it. So, why not? As for tuning, this BMW 4 Gran Coupe F36 is a usual BMW. Many fan boys, many tuning parts. But this car got lowered suspension and huge wide wheels, which are finished in dark bronze. Rear windows are tinted. But only rear, because it's Europe, such laws are there. Anyway, even with such simple modifications this BMW F36 looks really awesome.

By the way, here is a powerful enough Gran Coupe with 3-liter engine.
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