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Stance BMW M4 F82

Here in an awesome white BMW M4 F82 with stance and widebody kit. And, of course, with a huge wing on the trunk. Looks like a real racing car. But what is it in real? Let's figure it out in more detail.

You can use widebody kit in different cases. You are building a tuning project with wide wheels and just need to cover these wheels. Or you are building a racing car for track days or time attack and you need wide wheels for better traction and handling. Or you just want to attract all possible attention on the street and such widebody kit is one of solution, with loud exhaust of course. And it seams that here is more cool tuning project than a racing car. Lowered suspension, wide and huge wheels, widebody kit, bench on the trunk show that this stance BMW M4 F82 is fast. And it's truth because here is a real M4, not some BMW 435i F32, or even 428i... Some can say that such styling looks a little odd, but another people would be happy to meet such car. Especially kids, they are loving such almost racing cars.
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