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Tuned BMW M4 F82

I can't say that I like gold cars. I mean wrapped in gold vinyl film. But let's be honest, this amazing tuned BMW M4 F82 from Ontario, that was wrapped in gold vinyl, looks really cool. I offer to watch this wrapped BMW M4 F82 in more detail.

First I have noted, that gold color looks great with tinted windows and black trim/ And this couple of colors looks cool like yellow Dodge Viper. Yes, this BMW M4 F82 is wrapped, but that's not all tuning. Owner has installed at his M4 really cool and lightweight wheels. And, thanks God, these wheels are dark, but not gloss black. However, you can see these wheels and they fit black trim, splitters, mirrors and tinted windows. Else this tuned BMW M4 F82 has lowered suspension. But I can't say how is it lowered. Are at this BMW M4 installed coilovers or air suspensioin? But all together looks awesome. I didn't think that I will really like a gold car :) By the way, else we have a similar wrapped in gold Mercedes C63 Coupe AMG. That Mercedes has widebody, but I guess this BMW looks better.
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