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Tuning BMW M4 GTS F82

BMW M4 GTS are pretty rare cars. M4 Competition are almost like VW Beetle in comparison with GTS. It's not mass car for enthusiasts of pure driving. But even these rare cars could be modified to become else faster and more unique, in some meaning. And this BMW M4 GTS F82 with some tuning is not an exception.

BMW M4 GTS are lightweight versions for track. That's why the bench on the trunk lid is excused here. As for lowering, GTS is lower even in stock. Gray body looks great with gold accents (stripe on the splitter and brake calipers. Owner has installed great wheels, their design fits our M4 GTS. Side splitters are making body a little wider and are looking cool as well. However, who knows what else is hidden inside car and under humpy hood...
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