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Tuning BMW i4 M50 G26

It sounds a little strange to talk about electric vehicles tuning. Anyway, here is electric BMW i4 M50 G26 with some exterior tuning. Let's watch all tiny but stylish changes more detailed.

The main tuning here is a new set of wheels. Wheels from Vossen can be not so aerodynamically efficient. But they seriously change exterior. Henry Ford was right. These wheels are cool, stylish, forged and expensive, but they are black... Black wheels can look pretty with black trim and tinted windows. But often black wheels can be almost invisible. It's a crime to hide your cool wheels! Basically that's all tuning of this BMW i4 M50 G26. Anyway this car looks really cool. Such kind of electric M4 :-) If this BMW was lowered, it would be much better.
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