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Stance BMW M4 G82

Here is an awesome stance BMW M4 G82. This is an actual generation of 4-series. So, if you want to see how stanced BMW M4 G82 can look, you are in the right place. There are not so much modified M4 at this moment. Let's look at this rocket in more detail.

Matte gray color is popular now. And I guess this color fits this M4. But owner decided to replace wheels into black. It's a shame, but he wasted huge money to get these awesome forged wheels Vossen. Black wheels fit black trim and tinted windows, but wheels are almost invisible. I guess some silver, gray or even bronze wheels would fit better. Splitters all around made silhouette a little lowered. Modern M3 and M4 have a complicated suspension, but here is a little lowered suspension. Car doesn't lay on the ground, but looks much better than pure stock. New more interesting tuning projects will appear soon.
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