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Tuning BMW 518 E12

Here is an awesome BMW 518 in E12 generation. This is well restored or well saved 40+ years old BMW with many authentic parts from that epoch and lowering. This E12 has all trim and even in stock looks awesome. Just remember that all trim for around 45 years old car costs really a lot of money.

Let's talk at least about most notable tuning parts on this car. Wheels are custom made 3-piece and have original center, from R14 wheels I guess. I don't like such polished rims like here, but what to do to use larger modern tires. Soft rear spoiler looks cool. You wouldn't meet such on modern cars. But they were cool. Front skirt from Alpina (or copy) looks funny. Especially if you see badge 518 above it. But this skirt makes car lower and a little more fresh. Yellow glasses on hi-beam don't have any sense, but looking authentic. And, off course, louver on rear window. This part doesn't has any sense now, but they had some popularity in 1980ths.

And as almost all tuning projects this BMW 518 E12 has some lowering. I guess here are just more short springs, it's not expensive and it works too. It's a big luck to meet BMW E12 in a good condition on the road. But car with all these original artifacts - it's really cool!
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