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Stanced BMW 535i Turbo E28

Here is an awesome stanced BMW 535i Turbo E28. It's a pure beast on old school body. Engine M30B35 is an easy target to make it turbo. And it's quite simple and reliable engine. This engine had factory turbo version. And it was the base for many awesome and powerful engines. We can talk about turbo M30B35 many hours. But let's take a closer look at this tuning BMW 535i Turbo E28 as at stance project.

This E28 has an awesome old school interior with sport seats, 300 kph speedometer. And only additional gauges are looking a little disputable. However, this old German sedan looks really cool. Here we see a body kit from the same era as the car. Louvers on rear window is else one cool element from 1980s. Else this tuning BMW 535i Turbo has a soft spoiler, else one element from 1980s. Probably this stanced BMW 535i Turbo E28 has some modern technologies. Turbo parts, ECU and something else. But this car looks quite authentic and like very well equipped car. By the way, you can see a huge intercoolr behind rear bumper. 3-piece wheels OZ Futura fit this car as well. And the last element of this stance project - lowered suspension. I bet here are installed some cool coilovers. But it could be lowering kit as well. However, this BMW E28 looks just like lowered, dropped car, not slammed. And I guess it's the best fitment for such old cars.
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