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Tuning BMW M5 E34

Here is an awesome red BMW M5 in E34 body. How these cars already are rare and simply meet one of them in a good condition on the street - it's a huge luck. But if it's M5 - it can make a day for car enthusiast.

This M5 is in a good condition, as we see. Car is near stock, but with some features and modifications. M-Technic bumpers and side mirrors are here, but without rear spoiler. Lowered suspension always makes long sedans better. Custom rims with centers from RH or AC Schnitzer is a cool element on such young timers. It seams that exhaust system was replaced into custom one. Looks like stainless. And I guess sounds pretty awesome.

Else 10-15 years ago such E34 could be with Chinese angel eyes, on strange wheels, with some fiberglass podium for sub woofers and interior with seats in crocodile leather. But now almost all modified cars have a clean look.
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