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Lowered BMW 525i E34

Here is an awesome black and lowered BMW E34. And you may know that E34 always looks amazing in black color. Orange turn lights, Hella Black headlights and a little chrome... Many owners delete chrome trim (Shadow Line in BMW Universe), but here chrome wasn't painted or wrapped. Let's look at this awesome slammed BMW E34 in more detail.

This lowered BMW 525i E34 has the minor but cool mods. But even being not so necessary these mods make our E34 more cool. This slammed BMW E34 became lowered after air suspension installing. This simple but pretty expensive changes everything. The second important change are new wheels. They are looking like vintage, but they can be more fresh. And of course these wheels are custom 3-piece with wide polished outer rims. But the centers are almost black and it's not the best solution, doesn't it? But that's not all. This is BMW and their owners love to make their cars more rich and well equipped. I don't know if this E34 was such from beginning, bit no here are installed M Technic bumpers and skirts, Hella Black headlights, American moldings with sidelights which are popular in some European countries now.
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