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Tuning BMW 5 E34

Here is an awesome red and slammed BMW E34. Era of wild tuning in "Pimp my ride" style is gone and now on tuning scene are valued cars which look near stock. And this E34 is so.

Body probably was restored and resprayed because it looks really great. Off course it's possible that car was in a great condition from beginning, but there are not so many such cars and they are too valued now to modify them. Actually this E34 from early 1990s has only 2 modifications. Here was installed an air suspension and were installed other wheels.

Bagged suspension allows this E34 to get lower for better look. Else it makes ride more soft and comfortable. And let's be honest, slammed BMW E34 looks great. This styling needs larger wheels with polished rims and some interesting center. But such wheels need suspension and steering being in a god condition. Or this young-timer would have some issues with handling on not so qualitative roads.

If you have BMW E34 and want to make some tuning project: here is really the best solution how to do it. But you can use lowered springs or coilovers instead airlift. But anyway you need cool wheels.
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