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Lowered BMW 525i Touring E34

Here we have an awesome lowered BMW 525i Touring E34 from Poland. I guess it's one of most popular stanced BMW E34 Touring in Europe and in all the World. And we have some pictures of this Touring on this site as well. Else pictures of stance BMW E34 Touring. But I offer to take a closer look at this legendary wagon (or Touring in BMW Universe) in more detail.

There are a lot of European stance projects aren't tinted. And sometimes it has a sense. Especially if it's a well equipped car with premium interior. You wouldn't find any screens of other modern features in E34. But qualitative leather or fabric interior, significant noise isolation already from factory. E34 is a comfortable car even today. But here we are talking about this lowered BMW 525i Touring E34. Besides lowered suspension this Touring has else a cool custom made 3-piece wheels. Centers are from RH wheels. Outer rims are polished, as it should be on a stance project. End even these 2 modifications are enough to became really cool car and attract all attention on the street.
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