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Stance BMW 530i Touring E34

Here is an interesting stance BMW 530i Touring E34 in USDM style, but from Japan. And this wagon has some interesting features, which we may discuss. So, let's take a closer look at this stanced BMW E34 Touring.

Looking at this Touring, I can only name 1 thing which I don't like. And it's a black hood. Probably owner wanted to add some styling. Black hood and roof, mirrors, cover on overlay on front bumper. But it looks not so good. In all other, it's an awesome stance BMW 530i Touring E34. Rear axle is just lowered. Lowering gave such camber and rear wheels are slammed. Front axle looks similar probably due to installed longer lower rods from BMW E32. But here we see a cool fitment. Owner has used spacers or these cool custom made 3-piece wheels were designed exactly for this car. Air suspension allows this stanced BMW E34 Touring to adjust fitment and to be quite low when it's needed. Front bumper looks like M-Technic with painted in black lower part. Else here installed some lip to get else lower look. Owner wanted to get such styling, but lower parts of bumpers and side skirts painted in black are looking a little strange. All because here are M-bumpers. Ordinary bumpers with unpainted lower parts are looking oldschool and cool. However it's an awesome Touring. I'm sure owner drives it with a smile :-)
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