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Tuning BMW 520i E34

Here is an awesome red and low BMW 520i E34 from Hungary with simple, but cool tuning. I've seen this E34 at Raceism fest and in real life this car looks even best than on the pictures. Awesome condition, beautiful shining color, oldschool air suspension. Really awesome. But let's take a closer look at this E34 in more detail.

This is almost basic E34 with 2-liter engine, but even such car can be modified. By the way we have more pictures of similar stanced BMW 520i E34. Of course we have more pictures of this E34 from Hungary and they would be published as well. As for tuning of this BMW 520i E34, this car has 2 main mods. Air suspension, which allows this red sedan to lay on the ground, and cool 3-piece wheels with polished outer rims. By the way, wheels are pretty wide.
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