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Stanced BMW 530i E39

Here we have an awesome white stanced BMW 530i E39 from Japan. And I may note that this lowered BMW E39 still looks really cool. So, let's watch this German Young timer more close.

Japanese tuning can be strange, odd and even ugly for Europeans and Americans. But this stanced BMW 530i E39 looks clean, like somewhere in EU or US. I'm sure European or American tuners could do the same. Clean body in a good condition, air suspension, tinted windows and cool wide wheels. These wheels are looking great, and probably it's the only part with makes this E39 unique. By the way, this stance BMW E39 has ordinary front bumper, but in the same moment rear bumper is M Technic. Why isn't front bumper M Technic, like on BMW M5 E39, I don't know. This sedan would look better with such bumper. It's a rare case when original optional bumper (or copy) can be much better than all tuned aftermarket bumpers and body kits.
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