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Bagged BMW 535xi Touring E61

Market of mid-size station wagons (but now we already can say that it's full-size) is not huge. SUVs made it less. But there are a lot of people who still loves these cars. They love them as practical and comfortable vehicles and don't need SUV instead them. And BMW 5 Touring is one of kings among such station wagons. Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate, Volvo V90 and Audi A6 Avant are best, on my opinion. Except BMW 5 Touring off course.

Europeans are sure that best station wagon should have powerful 3-liter diesel, and BMW had and has such engine. But in North America you had a possibility to buy gas-version (petroleum, if you are from Europe). But let's back to tuning!

You couldn't help noticing that this E61 lays on the ground. Second you could notice are unusual wheels from Vossen. Air bags instead coil spring make this vehicle more practice. At first, installing airlift you get more smooth ride, more comfort and adjustable height. It would be practice not only on Cars'n'Coffee, but if you are going to trip and will load in your car things for all your family. And, at-second, having a family doesn't interfere to have a cool lowered car! Looks awesome!
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